Facial Massage

Facial Massage

This is often combined with Head Massage. Whilst primarily designed as a health rather than beauty treatment, your skin quality and texture will improve due to pores closing, skin will feel smoother to the touch.

What to expect

After discussions on your initial visit your medical history and lifestyle is noted and the treatment designed around your specific needs and goals. In some cases it may be necessary to obtain your doctor’s permission prior to starting treatment.(All client records are stored securely). You then lie down face up on the massage couch, soothing music plays and fragrant candles are used for relaxation. A little massage oil or cream is applied then strokes are performed in a sequence determined by your particular needs. The type of massage strokes and amount of pressure applied is specific to each client’s needs, and varied accordingly.

Age range

Mandarin Massage provides Facial Massage for teenagers through to the elderly.


The techniques used in Mandarin Massage Facials draw on Tui Na and Reflexology principles as well as simple massage. As well as improvements in skin texture and blood circulation, clients report stress and pain relief. By applying slight pressure to certain areas digestion is affected and constipation eased.


Following your session, you will be given water, continue drinking lots of water as this flushes out toxins. Wait 10 minutes before driving or operating machinery. Avoid alcohol and caffeine intake as they dehydrate the tissues and add toxin. Avoid strenuous exercise and do not eat a heavy meal, rest to allow your body time to rebalance.

Josephine has relocated to York, N.Yorkshire
and regrets that Mandarin Massage is now
no longer available in Shropshire.
Thanks to all wonderful clients and friends
who gave me tremendous support.
Reopening in York sometime soon!

Mandarin Massage  Has Moved